Automatic scrubbing machine in a warehouse

Cobotics in building cleaning

When humans and robots work together

Cobotics? The term is a combination of the words "cooperation" and "robotics" and describes the collaboration between humans and robots. A cooperation that serves to automate a wide range of tasks, relieve employees, increase productivity and optimize costs.

The use of cobotics makes it possible for us to clean large areas autonomously and in a single operation, and cleaning times are more flexible. Thanks to time control and docking stations, cleaning can also take place at night. Collaborative cleaning allows employees more time for more complex tasks, such as disinfecting cleaning.

Our workers and robots

Our employees see more and more advantages of working with robots. It gives them the opportunity to save time and the chance to redirect more forces to more difficult, more complex tasks.


are developing very quickly. They are getting more effective, faster and more accurate. The market in Lithuania offers several solutions, and we have chosen for our customers the best units that can meet your expectations.

 Workers standing with a robot

Robots can be used in a wide range of applications - from large warehouses to shopping malls or office and administration buildings to medical facilities. We make it easy for you to get started and deploy customized cobotics solutions that promise cost efficiency and consistently high quality.

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